LumiDrive try SparkFun’s attempt into things Python on microcontrollers.

Leveraging Adafruit’s routine Python, we have created a product or service intended for operating a strand of APA102’s. We have broken down a few analog and digital pins through the onboard SAMD21G-AU microcontroller so you can carry out additional keys, changes, alongside whizzbangs to interact utilizing the LEDs.

SparkFun LumiDrive directed Driver

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Because Of The SparkFun LumiDrive it is possible to manage and individualize an entire string of APA102s directly from the board its

Circuit Python

Look for the extensive records about Circuit Python right here on Adafruit’s site, but why don’t we review a brief and nice version. Circuit Python is Adafruit’s version of MicroPython. What pray inform, was MicroPython? MicroPython was Python 3 for microcontrollers. MicroPython takes the power of the wildly popular Python translated vocabulary that’s user friendly, readable, and powerful and makes it functional for microcontrollers. They seems familiar in how you declare and make use of pins but unlike Arduino, you don’t have to make or upload your rule. For the reason that your own microcontroller works like a USB drive whenever you connect it into your pc. The laws just life as a file that you modify right once it is saved, really automatically loaded. Algebraic! Additionally it is appropriate for the Python 3 you may have on your personal computer so that you can develop seamlessly on your own desktop computer! Exactly why are we utilizing Circuit Python? Circuit Python gets the benefit of creating a lot of libraries built in automagically which can be catered toward entry level hobbyists. In the case of the LumiDrive, we’ll feel utilizing the DotStar collection, Adafruit’s collection for APA102 LEDs.


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There are three choices for power on the items: USB-C, Lithium Ion power supply, or insight. You’ll supply energy when you look at the start from 3.3V-6V.

USB-C, regardless of becoming reversible and is already awesome, contains the capacity for supplying most electricity than its forerunner. I found myself capable extract 2 AMPs from my computer system on a 3.1 USB plug. Be aware – used to do this to make sure you lack to! Every computer system is significantly diffent and I highly suggest that you do not take action thus quick unless you are definitely self-confident. In addition remember various USB ports (2.0, 3.0, and 3.1) offer various amounts of energy. 3.1 is not difficult to identify since it enjoys a blue tongue when you research the interface.

Lithium Ion Battery

We several choices within index that’ll suit your numerous portable power needs. LumiDrive furthermore has a charging circuit so you’re able to recharge your LiPo power.

Two-pin Insight Headers

Ultimately try a 2 pin header identified INPUT where you are able to offer your energy.

Present Draw

The dining table below databases the present draw for a-strand of 55 LEDs at full white at 1 / 2 and full illumination. I also integrated latest draw for your different provided functionality at differing Light-emitting Diode quantities and brightness that will help you create much more informed decisions when buying or utilizing your LEDs.

Input Output

You will find four input/output pins busted out to the medial side from the items. There are 2 electronic pins as well as 2 analogue pins. These can be used to connect with their LED string (or perhaps not) by attaching keys, changes escort services in Davenport, light sensors, etc.


There are 2 keys regarding product. The utmost effective switch is a reset button that’ll reset the panel on push. The second is a button connected to digital pin D6. You can make use of this instead of affixing a button to your panel.

There’s two LEDs on-board. The utmost effective brought inside image are a yellowish fee brought that suggests that a LiPo power is charged. The second reason is a blue stat brought mounted on pin D13.

Poke-home Connectors

There are two main Poke-home connections towards the bottom associated with goods.

They truly are adaptable and rather powerful and permit that put in cable without the need for solder. They are designated with all the shade of wire that is used inside the strands of APA102 LEDs we sell at SparkFun but they are not restricted just to those. Just underneath that silk you’ll see the purpose of those outlines are called inside soon after data.

Hardware Assembly

Hardware installation is actually hassle free. Let us start by plugging their Light-emitting Diode string in to the poke-home connectors. Finer controls may be accomplished through the use of a pair of tweezers or perhaps the idea of a pen to click for the flap in the topside for the poke-home connector. Here we’ve plumped for tweezers since that is what we had useful.

Whenever you hit on the black flap on the top on the poke-home connector, two material wedges move laterally – into the side for the product- inside connector. Force your own cable to the poke-home connector. As soon as you release it, the two wedges will fasten down onto the wire. Let them have hook tug to make sure the wires are in around good. You’re prepared rock!

Plug your own LumiDrive into the desktop utilizing the USB-C connector. It must pop up automatically as a difficult drive also known as CIRCUITPY. In the event it does not pop-up automatically, disconnect they and connect it in. If that doesn’t work, navigate to your data folder to see CIRCUITPY regarding left hand area and provide it a click. At this time the bluish stat LED throughout the LumiDrive needs to be blinking. From this point you are able to start that CIRCUITPY by hitting it.

Let’s move on the example code.

Python Example Rule

Your LumiDrive should currently have these Python signal however in situation things happens to it, than you can re-download the sample code right here:

Heads-up! It is possible to publish Arduino code to your LumiDrive by using the Arduino IDE. Just identify SparkFun SAMD21 Dev Breakout panel beneath the board selection. If you don’t have the SparkFun SAMD21 board descriptions then check always our hookup instructions for detail by detail instructions and vehicle operators (if you need all of them).

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